Scenes from the Underground - Tucson's Only Inter-Zine That Matters!

I wanted to get there earlier than I did because there were several killer bands playing that night. I missed the first few bands, but what I did see was amazing!

I got there around the middle of >At War With The Inferior's set. What I managed to see of them was absolutely fantastic! These guys put on a show with in the show that night. Their music was heavy as hell and all of them seemed to master their instruments. The music was heavy and brutal. Calling this band impressive is an understatement. If your a fan of Heavy music, I would highly suggest checking them out. You will not be disappointed!

Up next was Sorrow's Ruin, another heavy band with ultra talented musicians. Here was another band that played hard and sounded harder. All the band members were all over the stage and put on one hell of a show for us. Again, another not to be missed band. Their songs were melodic all the while keeping it in a very traditional manner. Its hard to make a comparison, but a great band that doesn't need to be compared to anyone, as they stood out very well on their own.

To finish out the night and the reason for this awesome underground Metal show, was Black Metal deviants—Infernal Awakening!!! With an impressive stage set up, then men, clad in black face paint, spiked gauntlets and insanely loud and fast instruments, the moment we were waiting for was finally here. Smoke filled the stage area and were placed behind the band in a very dramatic and spooky way. Inverted crosses, candles and bull skulls lined the front of the stage. Between the skulls and lighting with all that smoke, Infernal Awakening looked more like a band of demons as opposed to the soft spoken foursome we interviewed a bit earlier in the night.

Being as this was their C.D. Release show, there were quit a few people there showing support. The music was “atmospheric”, say like you would expect to see or hear in a really good horror movie. The setting was there, the music was there, these guys have it going on. And we just happened to get a copy of the new CD and we will be reviewing it later this week. So check back soon. I'd like to thank Infernal Awakening for inviting us and a big thank you to all the bands that performed that night! Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow...

The Ink House
6211 E. Speedway Blvd.
East (map)

Former Ninja turned writer, Mickey left the Six Ichizoku Clan to pursue a career as a intergalactic bounty hunter, picking up bountys for notorious Tattooine gangster Jabba The Hutt. After the death of Jabba, Mickey Sixx found his way to Earth where he now resides in Tucson, AZ. "AZ reminds me of Tatooine!"