The night started with a local hip-hop band called the Trendelenburg Position. I wasn't sure what to expect from these guys as I saw them setting up. I can say that I was pleasantly surprised and it was good to see something out of the norm. The band played and the vocalist (or M.C. I guess) rapped over them. Other times when I have seen or heard hip hop bands, they used some sort of electronic device as the rhythm section, or even just a drummer backing them up. So to see and hear a full band accompany the rapper was cool, to say the least.

Up next were The Hotchiks. If you haven't the opportunity to see these kids, I highly recommend doing so. These guys are all over the stage and play with so much enthusiasm, it's insane. Their pop-punk style went a long way on this night and had the definitely had the crowd moving and cheering. I've only seen these guys play one other time, when they interviewed with us last year (you can still see their interview, music, and promo in our archives) and they played just as hard for the camera man and interviewer as they did on this night. They just love to play and have a fun time. So if your looking for a fun band and some killer music, go see them. They will not disappoint!

Speaking of punk bands and being that it was Punk Rock Tuesday, I was treated to a special treat when I found out that For or Against would be playing next. These guys keep it real with their punk rock angst and every one of them is great at what they do when it comes to playing their instruments and performance. What I like most about them is the singer, Maury. I don't think he can stand still up there. He entertains to the fullest and his crowd interaction is amazing. And that's not to take anything away from the rest of the band at all. They are a very awesome band and together they are a power house of Punk Rock music. And that's a very good thing in my opinion.

Hillbilly Bo and the Double Barrel Band—Need I say more? No, I don't NEED to, as they are one of the most entertaining bands out of Az right now. But I will, because if you weren't there or you've never heard of them before, you're missing out! And missing out sucks! Well, its like a southern fried rock band served with a pint of Kentucky bourbon. They have it all wailing guitars, a monster drummer, thumping bass, an amazing front man and to round it all out, a harmonica player! Now add it all together and you have this sound like no other coming out of the Az right now. It's awesome! And the harp player, you'd think he's part machine the way he makes those things wail, bending and holding notes, all the while backing up Bo on the vocals. They are another MUST see band if you haven't already been out to see them. And if you have, then you know you won't go wrong there!

To round out my night, the final band I was treated to was a band all the way from Florida. Spred The Dub was a very, very elegant band that played some of the prettiest music I've ever heard live. I'm not sure if it's called Rock Steady or bebop, or ska, but it was amazingly smooth and relaxing. The bass player's fingers ran up and down the neck of his bass with such ease, it was ridiculous. The dual guitarists, one doing a smooth ska like tempo while the other played fills and leads, were accompanied by smooth vocals and a trombone player. I don't know much about that type of music, but I do know that I like what I heard and am glad it was something that I could experience.

Unfortunately, by this time, I had to be leaving so I did miss the headlining act, The Bastard Suns. From what I understand, they put on a hell of a show and were a definitely a crowd pleaser. If they come back to Tucson, I will make it a point to check out the show for sure. Overall, Punk Rock Tuesday was a pretty fun time and I'm glad I finally got myself out of the house to see some live music!

For more information on any of these bands or on Punk Rock Tuesdays, follow the link provided and all the information will be literally at your fingertips! Also, make sure you check out our exclusive interview with David Harmon from “Harmon Promotions”/P.R.T. in our BEHIND THE SCENES segment for this month. Support live music! See you at the next show.

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Mickey Sixx Robinson is the editor and publisher of Scenes from the Underground.